In Ixtapa Zihuatanejo sunny days are guaranteed, it does not matter the season of the year when we travel to this destination, the weather is great.

Laraizdelatierra Limonada Ginger

In our last trip  the warm morning sun invited us to walk around the cobbled streets of the tourist center where among shops of clothes, swimsuits, handicrafts and ice cream shops we arrive at the square of the kiosk, right in front of the Presidente Ixtapa hotel.

It was almost noon and with much thirst we decided to enter the La Raíz de la Tierra, attracted by the peculiar and cozy style of its "Acapulco" type chairs, long benches and plants hanging from the ceiling. We went from surprise to surprise when first ordering a lemonade with ginger that was extremely refreshing.


Until then we noticed that it was a restaurant that offers vegan food, we decided to try the classic hamburger based on seitan and the crudi burrito; This last one turned out to be an explosion of flavor, it is a leaf made with banana and flaxseed filled inside hummus, avocado and fresh vegetables, it was simply delicious.

The place also has excellent environmental music, grocery store and super foods, local crafts, books and records. We loved knowing that they offer books and board games available for free.

Finally we decided to ask for dessert the cacao cake, basically it is like being bitten by a tablet of semi bitter chocolate, an incredible flavor that accompanied with red fruits and a coffee ended up falling in love with "La Raíz".

We will definitely come back for more surprises in our next visit to Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, a unique place with new flavors that are worth knowing.

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