A day in Troncones Beach

Playa Troncones is the best kept jewel in the Guerrero State; It is a place located just 30 minutes northwest of Zihuatanejo in the Municipality of La Unión. Possessing incredible beauty, warm weather all year round and good waves for surfing.

Surrounded by lush forest and palm trees, the town of Troncones is made up of small villas, houses and boutique hotels along its five kilometers beach, which together create a relaxed atmosphere of peace and harmony.

So, first of all we ventured to discover Playa Troncones starting by visiting the viewpoint very early. This one has two accesses; both very simple so you can choose to arrive by car or climb a small mountain. Any experience is worth it as when you arrive it will offer you an impressive view of the entire beach to appreciate the long waves and the first surfers who venture into the water while the silent song of the birds gives you an enviable peace.

Already feeling the heat of the first rays of the sun we went to cool off at the organic market of Troncones, located inside the Tres Mujeres hotel. The Troncones Organic Market is made up of at least ten local producers of mezcal, fresh fruit, handicrafts, coffee, honey and other products which are offered between live music, food and natural fresh waters.

The organic market of Playa Troncones is organized to offer only local products and free of industrialization, it is interesting to see that in Guerrero enormous leaves of chard and arugula, ginger and other products that we are regularly unaware of are grown. Thursday and Tuesday from 8am are the days when you can visit this market and let yourself be conquered by what has been made on the coast.

For lunchtime we arrive at the Tronco Bay inn hotel which has its Tres Palmas restaurant open to the public in the bay of Manzanillo, here we spend a good part of the afternoon enjoying cocktails, the semi desert beach, the pool and jacuzzi that the place has.

The Manzanillo Bay has only a few small hotels, crystal clear waters and a wide white sand beach, this place is charming. At Tres Palmas restaurant we ate the famous and fresh fish strips typical of the region, delicious coconut shrimp and cocktails that; In addition to the magnificent attention we received lying on their wooden beds facing the sea, they made us the afternoon.

To end the day once eaten, rested and relaxed we participated in the Temazcal Tepeyollot session. The Temazcal is an ancient technique that basically consists of a steam bath and that favors the elimination of toxins with other multiple benefits for the body and mind. The experience in the Temazcal Tepeyollot begins from the trip to a hill surrounded by trees where the temazcal is located, with a view of the sea and with nothing else around.

The ceremony lasts about an hour (or whatever the body endures) where through the essences, the steam and the music we clear the mind. In these activities it is common to meet interesting people who enrich each visit. Fanny, the guide to the temazcal, transmits a lot of serenity and confidence with her extensive knowledge of Toltec medicine.

Sunset comes and the day is gone like water, we were left wanting to visit more places in Playa Troncones than later we will share.

If you are looking to enjoy nature in a rather relaxed environment, away from the big hotels and crowds, visit Playa Troncones. Travelers often fall in love with the tranquility that hammocks provide in the corridors, palm ceilings and artistic decorations of each place.

And you, what are you waiting to visit this paradise of the Golden Riviera? #FeelRiviera

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