Covers Cozumel La Monina

Desserts have become a passion on the island. Many island restaurants offer treats like you would never have seen here 15 years ago....the tastes are amazing!

Buccanos - The Granny Smith Apple Parfait here is something worth the visit alone!

La Chef - In their new location along the waterfront has not skipped a beat. The Chocolate Mousse is sensational.

Azul Madera - Many remarkable dessert treats await you at this fine island restaurant, but the Brioche French Toast topped with cream and coconut ice cream is a perfect compliment to your fine meal.

Guidos - Everything is worth the visit to this Cozumel institution. Along with many of their signature desserts, the Toffee Cake is something quite special!

New Especias - Just try the Creme Brulee with pistachios and ginger!

Kondesa - Owned by a group on the island along with several other great restaurants, the selection of traditional churros is wonderful!

The Key Lime Pie Factory - Owned by the original Lobster House on the north end, The owner had to open this spot for his wife due to the popularity of her delicious Key Lime Pie.

Cielito Lindo - Here you will find a Key Lime Pie a bit different from the above, but excellent!

Sky Reef - The Banana Splits at this little beach club are amazing!

Rock 'N Java - Nearly all the desserts at Lisa's Cozumel delight are truly special.

Enjoy your desserts!


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"I want to have a good body, but not as much as I want dessert."

Jason Love

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